99 Crafting Cape

C clique
D Diamontologist
U Urkscape
Spice n Wolf Spice n Wolf
Raw Ch0mpy Raw Ch0mpy
C Cabbage
Laurie Laurie
Shell Script Shell Script
Navy Seal Navy Seal
H Hex Wave
Ayin Ayin
Skill Ritely Skill Ritely
D Deku
0 0hmm_rs
S Soroth
Kowzy Kowzy
Soundgarden Soundgarden
Bell N Book Bell N Book
A Asleep 1 am
N Ned
Kush Shmoke Kush Shmoke
V Vastory
yungjerby yungjerby
Durnal Durnal
F Fopi
Postal Postal
I Im Only
A Adroit Anon
Onka Onka
Arvou Arvou 99 Crafting achieved in-game
Vdb Vdb
L Loyal
Zebb Zebb
And we Skill And we Skill
Axax Axax :)
Tagen Tagen
A2B pdrohx69 A2B pdrohx69
Warm Cookiez Warm Cookiez
Sea Star Sea Star
USN Skiller USN Skiller
Make X Make X
P Plot
Mr City Mr City
Newsletter Newsletter
Yeoman Yeoman
Weaer Weaer
B Unknown B Unknown Reached 99 crafting
OS Vegan OS Vegan
Mein Sieg Mein Sieg