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Nov 5, 2015
What is zSkillers?
zSkillers is, and has been since the beginning of old school Runescape, the largest skiller clan, for level 3s and 10hp pures. The clan was founded by Zamight who now runs this website, and the clan itself is run by its two co-leaders myself and Dig, with the help of many other valued administrators and moderators. We host regular events, engage in productive conversations, and generally have a damn good time as part of the zSkillers community.

What is zCombat?
Due to zSkillers' popularity, we found many players with combat joining the zSkillers clan chat to talk. Wishing to have a place for themselves, zCombat was spawned from zSkillers, as a sister clan. We share the same forums, and they indulge in all sorts of combat related activities. If you or your other account has combat, I suggest you check our their clan chat.

Why should I join zSkillers?
Good question! If you're a level 3 skiller or a 10hp pure, this is the place for you. We run a well moderated clan chat, in the sense that we're quick to kick any spammers or people obviously trying to start arguments, but lenient enough that we can take a joke so you still enjoy being in the clan chat. We run a weekly skill competition where clan members compete to gain the most xp in a certain skill during the week. Gp prizes are given out to the top 3 players, and so far the average weekly prize pot has been just under 9m gp, so there is some serious bank loot to be made. On the efficiency side we are no slouch; there are more maxed skillers in our clan chat than all others combined; the first 10hp pures to reach 99 in each combat skill (including slayer) are part of us; the top 4 total levels for level 3s reside in our clan chat, as well as the #1 ironman skiller and #1 ultimate ironman skiller. On top of that, we run all sorts of events; most recently we've had a pvp competition vs zCombat in the tournament worlds, played hide and seek and similar games for gp prizes, and in the past we've even managed to kill the wilderness boss Callisto, using only rings of recoil!

How do I join?
  1. Create an account on this website. It will need to be approved by an administrator before you can access any other part of the forum. This is to prevent spammers or anything malicious on our wonderful website.
  2. Head to the "Applications" section at the top of the forums and click on the "zSkillers" board (or just click here). The thread stickied at the top of the page will explain how to apply. Basically, if you have 10hp with 750 total level or 10m total xp, you can apply! Make a new thread on the applications board and ust copy and paste the application into your own thread, fill it out, and an administrator will approve your application, and you will receive your 1 chevron (banana) rank in the clan chat.
  3. That's it! You will also gain access to a VIP zSkillers-only section of the forums.
How do I get higher ranks in the clan chat?
Ranks are based off of your total level or total xp, with your time spent as a ranked member. A complete list of ranks can be found here. You do not need to apply for higher ranks, just inform a gold star in the chat and we'll promote you. However, if a gold star is offline or too busy to promote you at the moment, you can simply post in the rank up thread and we'll get round to it.

Why can't I talk in the clan chat?
The chat is sometimes in rank-to-talk mode, which means you will need a smiley rank or above to be able to talk. This is primarily to re-establish a proper sense of community in the clan. Due to our popularity, the chat would often become hectic, and difficult to hold a conversation without it derailing. Those with a rank in the chat have proven to us that they wish to get involved in our community, and not just treat the place as if it were some sort of reddit-based moshpit of nonsense.

I'm a ranked member, but I cannot see the zSkillers-only section of the forum. Why?

Oops, one of the admins forgot to give you access. Never fear! Simply ask one of the gold stars in game, or if they're offline/busy post in the access thread and we'll sort it out.

What are the weekly skill competitions, and how do I take part?
The weekly skill competitions are 7 day long xp gaining competitions of a single skill, and the top 3 most xp gained each week win gp prizes. They are usually happening all the time! If you are ranked in the clan chat (1 banana or higher) you should be automatically entered each week. If you cannot see yourself on the competition page, post on the clan highscores thread, then we will add you to our own clan highscores and to the entrants list for every skill week.

Do we have a teamspeak server?
Yes! The address is "zskillers.com".

Do we have a home world or a home bank?
Our home world is w305, so you should skill on this world unless you require the use of another world, such as w309 for Wintertodt, or finding an empty world for certain activities. However, if you're training a bankstanding skill such as crafting, herblore, fletching, or even cooking or firemaking, you should use Zeah beach on w333. This is the universal multi-clan skiller home bank, where level 3s from all clan chats train their bankstanding skills at. So why Zeah beach? The primary method of training slayer on a level 3 account is via the use of genies and books of knowledge from random events. There are many places around runescape that are what we call "no random zones", in which you cannot get random events. The vast majority of banks are no random zones, the only exceptions we've discovered are the rogues den and the bank chest on the south coast of Zeah. Since Zeah beach is both quick to access and a left click bank chest, we chose this bank as our home bank. The fastest way to get there is by putting your house in kourend, then teleporting there and running south.

How do I find out how long I've been in the clan for?
As far as ranks go, we go off the date you signed up for the forums. You can find this date by clicking on your name at the top, then clicking "Your profile page" and the date should be on the left hand side. Alternatively, the date you joined is under your name and avatar on every post you make.
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