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Nov 5, 2015
Ryo Wazamono
In a perfect world, we don't need rules. I'd like for every single person who enters our clan chat to be mature and respectful, and just abide by Wheaton's Law. Unfortunately, this is just a pipe dream, and as such we have implemented a short and fair rule structure to keep everyone happy. zSkillers currently has a 2-3 strike rule system set in place. Please follow these rules, we (usually =P) don't like kicking people but we will do so if we think it's necessary, subject to if what you're saying could be upsetting to people, or make our clan chat look bad/immature. For most occurrences a verbal warning will suffice, but sometimes a kick will be necessary.

No player shall advertise, promote, encourage, advocate, or recommend another skilling clan. We think it's unfair for you to be ranked in 2 skilling clan chats at once, so you will have to choose which clan chat you would like to be ranked in if you are part of 2 or more, i.e. "no multiclanning".

No player shall engage in hostile arguing, fighting, or conflicting conversations.

Please respect others in the clan chat. They are people too, and probably won't appreciate any (serious) insults thrown at them. We don't want meanies or angry trolls in our clan chat, so disrespecting others could result in a warning and a kick, depending on the severity/immaturity.

This rule encompasses trolling. While joking/bantering with someone is great, if you intentionally try and piss someone off for any reason, you'll probably find yourself being removed from the clan chat. We aim to create a nice and friendly environment in the chat.

Obviously don't spam. If you take pleasure in flooding the chat with unnecessary lines of text or take pride in constructing the classic "a q p w" penis shape because you find it truly hilarious, you're probably the sort of person we don't want to be associated with our clan chat, so you may be kicked without warning.

While talking complete rubbish in the chat isn't as bad, excessive nonsense can become tiresome, so if you have nothing vaguely constructive to talk about, you may be asked to sober up and start making sense.

Obvious again, don't try to scam or lure people. This includes but is not limited to tricking someone into levelling combat/hp (joking is fine of course, but please don't trick someone into actually getting hp, that'd suck), taking peoples' items on the premise that you'll give them back but won't, and general common sense scamming tactics may result in instant kicks.

Religion, politics, and general discussions of illegal substances (yes, weed falls into this catergory) are asked to be kept to a minimum, or better yet not mentioned at all. This is not because we are against your religious beliefs, and not because we are "anti-drug", but because from experience we've found that these topics quickly cause arguments; something we don't want in our clan chat.

However we encourage intelligent discussions of these topics on our forums under the "other" section, so do feel free to create discussion topics on your religion or lack of, on your views on the legality of certain substances, and anything else of this sort.

If we catch you botting and you are lucky enough to not get banned from runescape, your rank will be removed permanently on that account since we believe that botting is cheating, and your progress of ranks within the clan chat will be illegitimate.

Sexual related talk:
Sexually explicit talk is discouraged in the clan chat. While we are a mature community, the Runescape community typically isn't, and what could be a very sensible discussion could quickly turn into a cringefest of childishness. Examples of sexual related talk can be but not be limited to: Pornography, Sexual actions, Rape, Speaking about underage persons in a sexual manner.

Disrupting / Undermining the community:
Intent to disrupt/undermine our community cannot be tolerated. This may result in a temporary ban to await further evidence or appeal.
Execution of disrupting/undermining our community will result in a permanent ban from the Clan.

If a moderator is unhappy with the state of the clan chat at a given time for any reason, they have every right to kick without warning if they deem it appropriate; the warning is usually just a courtesy. To the average member, these "rules" shouldn't feel much like rules, they should be just how people act in general, but we've included them to clear up any ambiguity people may have.
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